LazyCure 3.8 – switch by hot key

LazyCure 3.8 is released! It contains the new feature – possibility to switch activity by hot key. Just imagine:

You are writing email to customer and this is specified in Now… box of LazyCure. Suddenly you have a call from your boss. You press Ctrl+Alt+Shift+F12, have a call, after finishing press Ctrl+F12, type “talk with boss<Enter>”. After that, in time log, you can see 2 additional records with correct begin & end time:

13:33 writing email to customer
13:37 talk with boss

So Ctrl+Alt+Shift+F12 is a hotkey for switching the activity and it works on the system level, so LazyCure could be minimized at the moment. By the way, in Options you have possibility to change hotkey on other suitable for you combination (e.g. if this one is already used by other software or if it is convenient for you to use other hotkey).

LazyCure 3.8 could be downloaded from Download page. See also Full List of LazyCure Features.

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