LazyCure 4.1

I’m glad to announce availability of LazyCure 4.1! It released with the following features:

  • Support of Ukrainian language. Now you have 3 localizations to choose: English, Russian and Ukrainian. This feature also made easier localization to other languages too, so if you would like to see it in your native language – speak out your desire in comments, please.
  • Duration and end calculation by manual entry of activities list with start time and activity name only. So it’s easier to move your manual time log entries to LazyCure for further analysis, all you need just to specify start time and activity name in Time Log view.
  • Autocorrection of end time and duration when new activity with earlier start time entered. This will help to keep time log consistent and simplifies corrections.

Release also contains a bug fix related to not found LazyCure.html when Help->How to use is clicked before any switches of language occurred.

Welcome to download LazyCure 4.1!

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  1. Ксения says:

    не запускается(
    при установке выдает ошибку. Вин7.

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