How to contribute to LazyCure development

If you would like to contribute to LazyCure development – it is easy! Here is the first and the single step:

Write me in Skype about your desire.

You can find by id ‘Scorpibear;. After that we discuss the details and your level of participation.

What is desired: C# .NET 4.0 + NUnit knowledge and Test-Driven Development skills.

Now I’m working on LazyCure 4.0 release, which could be localized to other languages. I am sure that Russian will be among them – and if you would like to see LazyCure in other languages – skype me. Or at least leave a comment here. I will be open with you – I know only Russian, English and Belorussian. So if you would like to see LazyCure in French, Ukrainian or Japanese – I need your help!;)

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