LazyCure is a compact program, which could be useful both for novice and professional time manager. LazyCure is free, so you can download it and enjoy personally. Here is a complete list of LazyCure features:

  • ability to perform time logging;
    • start, end time and duration is calculated automatically;
    • possibility to edit time logs;
    • possibility to enter time logs manually;
    • ability to open time logs for past days;
  • features for convenient and fast time logging:
    • lives in tray
    • activated by hot key (Ctrl+F12) or click on tray icon;
    • switch activity by hot key (Ctrl+Alt+Shift+F12) or press ENTER in main window;
    • hide main window on press ‘ESC’ or ‘X’;
    • ability to select activity from list of latest activities;
    • auto completion for activities;
    • show current time with seconds;
    • show current activity start and duration time;
    • possibility to specify finished activity from tray;
    • auto generation of unique activity name if it has not been specified;
    • posibility to switch activity during computer locking;
  • provide reports and metrics for spent time analysis:
    • activities summary – summary time spent on each activity;
    • tasks summary – group similar activities in tasks and see summary time spent on each task;
    • show working activities time;
    • show time for selected activities or tasks;
    • working time usage efficiency – time spent on working activities / time spent on working place;
  • additional features:
    • works under Linux;
    • notification by flashing icon in tray after long time of inactivity;
    • export timelogs to xml;
    • store links between activities and tasks;
    • autosave;
    • options for creation your own LazyCure configuration;
    • possibility to redefine hot keys;
    • tasks editor provide possibility to add/edit/delete tasks;
    • notification about not logged activity when computer is shutting down;
    • switch time logs at midnight;
    • restore main window position after restart;
    • info about current activity is shown when cursor is placed on tray icon;
    • possibility to post activity to Twitter.


LazyCure 3.6 Main form

LazyCure 3.2 Time Log Editor

LazyCure 3.2 Activities Summary

LazyCure 3.2 link activities and tasks

LazyCure 3.2 Tasks Summary

LazyCure 3.2 Working Time Usage Efficiency

LazyCure 3.2 tray menu

LazyCure with dropdown list of activities

LazyCure with dropdown list of activities

LazyCure activity autocomplete

activity autocomplete

select activities from tray

select activities from tray