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LazyCure 3.6 — works under Linux!

Congratulate you with LazyCure 3.6 release! Here is what’s new in LazyCure 3.6: LazyCure is working under Linux with Mono framework. There is possibility to customize left click on tray icon — open LazyCure form or display list of resent … Читать далее

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LazyCure 3.5 — twitter with your time

I’m glad to announce LazyCure 3.5 release! This release brings additional enchancements, which makes time logging even simplier and faster. Here they are: LazyCure could be minimized by pressing ‘ESC’ on main window. Main window is opened in the same … Читать далее

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LazyCure 3.4 is released

LazyCure 3.4 is released. Here is a list of changes comparing with 3.3 version: New features: Task Manager is resized automatically in order to show all tasks without scrolling. Possibility to delete tasks in Task Manager. Notification when computer is … Читать далее

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LazyCure Development Stategy

Let me introduce LazyCure Development Stategy — the common principals used by LazyCure developers (at the moment only by me :)). One development cycle consists from 5 steps: Bug. Assign a bug to yourself before introducing any code changes. Red. … Читать далее

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LazyCure 3.3 was released

New version of LazyCure is available for download. Here is the changes compared to 3.2 version: New feature — possibility to specify finished activity from tray. It allows to switch often used activities even faster then before. ‘How to use’ … Читать далее

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LazyCure 3.2 was released

LazyCure 3.2 was released! Here is a list of what was changed in comparison with LazyCure 3.1.8: working time intervals calculation; working time usage efficiency calculation; a couple of bugs were fixed: Show summary spent time for selected activities functionality … Читать далее

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Some quotes about LazyCure

LazyCure — clean code that works! LazyCure — first step to conscious life! LazyCure — open source which opens your mind! LazyCure — a convenient tool for time logging! LazyCure — your personal cure from laziness! LazyCure — learn more … Читать далее

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