LazyCure released

I am glad to announce that LazyCure was released and available for download. The current version contains the following functionality:

  • ability to track time during work on computer;
  • ability to enter time records manually;
  • ability to edit time records;
  • store time records in xml files;
  • ability to open and edit time logs for previous days;
  • summary for activities;
  • history for activities;
  • autocomplete activities names;
  • the latest activities could be reused;
  • autosave time log after time log change;
  • current activity start and duration display;
  • current time display;
  • friendly installation.

Full list of functionality is available at ‘Features‘ page.

Download LazyCure installation.

Об авторе Mikhail Subach

Constantly making the life more interesting, effective and happier.
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