LazyCure 3.1.8 is available

I’m glad to announce LazyCure 3.1.8 build availability. Changes from build 3.1.7:

  • Possibility to display summary time by tasks (1801760).
  • Possibility to display total time spent on working activities (1926911).
  • Activation by hotkey Ctrl+F12 (1792958).
  • Context menu was added to icon in tray.

Bug fixes:

  • [1796788] Incorrect message displayed when record has empty activity.
  • [1926453] ‘Working’ property of task is not saved.

Full list of LazyCure features could be discovered on LazyCure Features page. You can download LazyCure for free from LazyCure Free Download page.

Об авторе Mikhail Subach

Constantly making the life more interesting, effective and happier.
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