LazyCure 3.4 is released

LazyCure 3.4 is released. Here is a list of changes comparing with 3.3 version:

New features:

  • Task Manager is resized automatically in order to show all tasks without scrolling.
  • Possibility to delete tasks in Task Manager.
  • Notification when computer is shutdown.
  • Auto-generated unique activities names, if nothing is specified.
  • Switch time logs at midnight.

Bug fixes:

  • ‘Now you’ combobox is not active after pressing ‘Done’.
  • Activity and Task columns width could not be changed.
  • Bottom part of Main form is cut when no Activity Details.
  • When edit start, end is changed, but duration should changed — I love this bug fix especially!

By the way, LazyCure 3.4 is the most mature software for time logging I ever seen ;).

You can get LazyCure 3.4 on LazyCure Free Download page.

Об авторе Mikhail Subach

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