LazyCure 3.5 — twitter with your time

I’m glad to announce LazyCure 3.5 release! This release brings additional enchancements, which makes time logging even simplier and faster. Here they are:

  • LazyCure could be minimized by pressing ‘ESC’ on main window.
  • Main window is opened in the same position as it was before closing LazyCure.
  • Minimize to tray on pressing ‘X’.
  • Activity is switched when computer is locked.
  • Button ‘Show Time Log’ added to ‘Efficiency’ tab.
  • Two different settings for number of activities showed in tray and number of activities in history.
  • After Ctrl-F12 program stays inactive if was visible before.

And thats not all! Welcome grand new feature — Post To Twitter! If you have an accound on and/or would like sometimes to share with your friends what you are doing or have just done — you will appreciate this. LazyCure could be configured in such a way, that after pressing ‘Done!’ button activity name will be posted to Twitter.

In order to activate Post to Twitter functionality, you have to following the following steps:

  1. Go to Options->Twitter, check on checkbox and specify your username/password.
  2. When you enter activity name on the main window, check ‘post to Twitter’ checkbox and press ‘Done!’
  3. Do something good for yourself — your activity is posted to Twitter 🙂

I have to say that you should use this feature just for fun — it is not necessary to notify the whole world about every your activity. So this feature is turned off by default. But as for me, I have it turned on, so if I would like to share my great achivements, I definitely click on checkbox before pressing ‘Done!’ ;).

By the way, you can follow me at Oh, and the latest LazyCure could be taken from LazyCure Free Download page.

Об авторе Mikhail Subach

Constantly making the life more interesting, effective and happier.
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8 комментариев на «LazyCure 3.5 — twitter with your time»

  1. venture говорит:

    what about version for linux, man?:)

  2. Scorpibear говорит:

    venture, i’ve tried to run it under mono framework under windows and it works!… with a bunch of non-critical bugs. Theoretically, should work with mono under Linux too. If you have no mono 2.0 package installed, you can get it from

  3. Zhindetz говорит:

    Thanks a lot for the great tool.
    The only thing I don’t like in v.3.5.1 is activity stops on computer lock. But I am locking my comp a lot.
    It would be great to have latest beta with options to turn it off.

  4. Николай говорит:

    Надеюсь, Вы поймете меня по русски…
    С недавних пор активно пользуюсь Вашей программой, за что огромное спасибо.
    Обратил внимание, что в этой версии (3.5) предусмотрена автоматическая отправка в Twitter.
    Решил попробовать. Ввел свои данные для
    Но результата никакого.
    Подскажите, что надо сделать, чтобы эта функция заработала?

  5. Scorpibear говорит:

    Николай, да, у меня почему-то тоже перестало работать. Видимо, изменился API слегка. Попробую исправить. Пока могу порекомендовать плагин на FireFox — TwitterFox. Очень удобно.

    For English readers, it was discovered, that Post To Twitter feature has stopped working. Try to discover this and fix in the next LC version.

  6. Николай говорит:

    Спасибо за информацию. Тем не менее, с интересом буду ждать обновления.

  7. Алексей говорит:

    Замечательная программа! Спасибо и успехов!

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