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LazyCure 4.1

Поприветствуем релиз LazyCure 4.1! В этой версии стали доступны следующие фичи: Поддержка украинского языка. Теперь у вас есть 3 локализации на выбор: английская, русская и украинская. Введение 3-го языка также упростило возможность реализации поддержки других языков, так что если есть … Читать далее

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LazyCure под Android

Пригодилась ли бы вам Android-версия LazyCure? Пожалуйста, оставьте своё мнение в комментариях.

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How to contribute to LazyCure development

If you would like to contribute to LazyCure development — it is easy! Here is the first and the single step: Write me in Skype about your desire. You can find by id ‘Scorpibear;. After that we discuss the details … Читать далее

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LazyCure 3.8 — switch by hot key

LazyCure 3.8 is released! It contains the new feature — possibility to switch activity by hot key. Just imagine: You are writing email to customer and this is specified in Now… box of LazyCure. Suddenly you have a call from … Читать далее

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Softpedia gave 100% Free award to LazyCure 3.7

On 17th of August 2009, LazyCure 3.7 was tested in the Softpedia Labs. As a result LazyCure received 100% Free award, which means it does not contain any form of malware, including but not limited to: spyware, viruses, trojans and … Читать далее

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LazyCure 3.7 — a bunch of new features

Congratulate you on new wave of quality and simplicity which LazyCure 3.7 brings to us! It contains a set of improvements and new features, comparing with 3.6 version. New features: Subtasks. Select menu Show->Task Manager and create a tree of … Читать далее

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LazyCure 3.6 — works under Linux!

Congratulate you with LazyCure 3.6 release! Here is what’s new in LazyCure 3.6: LazyCure is working under Linux with Mono framework. There is possibility to customize left click on tray icon — open LazyCure form or display list of resent … Читать далее

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